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Prof. Steve Keen

Chief Economist, Institute for Dynamic Economic Analysis

Head of School, Economics, History and Politics, Kingston University London, effective autumn 2014

Author of Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned, 2011

Designer of MINSKY Dynamic Economic Modeling Software Program, bringing dynamics and coherent money to the desktop

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Twitter: @ProfSteveKeen

Latest columns: Debtwatch


Prof. Steve Keen was cited as the economist who best predicted the Great Financial Crisis and the Great Recession. He was among a remarkably small number who foresaw the crisis and raised the alarm in advance of the largest economic event of the post-Depression era.  He authored the book Debunking Economics, a tour de force on economic history, theory and practice, as well as the influential Debtwatch web site and dozens of scholarly papers.  His work develops the insights of financial Keynesian economist Hyman Minsky with mathematical modeling of Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis.

Steve is internationally known, recipient of the award for the economist who best predicted the 2007 financial crash and the ensuing global financial crisis, respected by both professional and lay observers. His clients and audiences have included national governments and leading corporate, nonprofit and academic institutions. He is the world’s leading expert on economist Hyman Minsky. He has media savvy, strong advocacy and debate skills, quotability.

Steve is IDEA's chief economist. He has recently taken the post as head of school at Kingston University London's school of Economics, History and Politics, with the mandate to form the first truly heterodox economics department in Europe.