Table of Contents

Earth to Talking Heads:

A Guide for Cutting through the Punditry of Economics

Table of Contents

Introduction and How to Read this Book

I The Plight of the Pundit

1. The Economy as a Metaphor

When talking economics, logic and evidence don't count, the metaphor counts

Candidates for Best Metaphor

            Chapter 1 Questions

2. Don't Take These Guys Too Seriously

           Nobel Prize?

           In 1965 "We were all Keynesians Now," In 2014 ....

             Pure S**t Economics

3. The Political Economy of Punditry

II Reality vs. Spin

4. Money, Credit and Banking

5. Forecasting the Pat

6. How Bad Was It?

III History, Biography, Geography

7. An Anecdotal Economic History, US, 1917 - Present

World War I to the Great Depression
The Great Depression
Harry Truman and the Transition to Peace
Dwight Eisenhower, the Business of America is Business
John Kennedy, the Promise and the Practice
Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society 
Richard Nixon, We are All Keynesians Now
Jimmy Carter and the Beginning of Deregulation
Ronald Reagan and the Supply Side Revolution 
George H.W. Bush, Marching in Place
The Clinton Interlude 
George W. Bush and Supply Side II
Barack Obama, Promise and Practice


8. Nations, Trade, National Interests

9. Measurement




Accounting for Climate Change

APPENDIX A: Who Are These Guys?

Irving Fisher 
James K. Galbraith  
John Kenneth Galbraith
Friedrick Hayek  
William Stanley Jevons  
Steve Keen  
Leon Keyserling
Paul Krugman  
Robert Malthus  
Alfred Marshall  
Karl Marx  
John Stuart Mill  
Hyman Minsky  
David Ricardo  
Nouriel Roubini  
Joseph Shumpeter  
Adam Smith  
Piero Sraffa
Joseph Stigltiz  
John Taylor  
Thorstein Veblen  
Leon Walras  


APPENDIX B: Policy Defined

Austerity vs. Investment  
Fiscal Policy   
Monetary Policy  
Public vs. Private Goods  
The Commons  
Social Insurance