steve keen

Steve Keen on "Boom Bust" with Erin Ade

Prof. Steve Keen was just interviewed by Erin Ade on Boom Bust.  Our excitement could only be bested by seeing how many generous people are out there, supporting our Kickstarter and StartJoin projects and cheering us on. Thank you to all of our backers and people who have shared our project via Twitter and Facebook and word of mouth! You can't imagine how much we appreciate it.

Now back to the interview. Steve was able to perfectly describe how CRASH, BOOM, POP! came to exist and what we're trying to accomplish -- providing a good understanding of economics, while lampooning the bungled concepts of mainstream economists.

Steve: "..What we’re going to do is top class stuff that uses the full visual spectrum of peoples’ learning to get these concepts through and to send [economists] up, because frankly, most of them are nonsense. And in many ways, they deserve to be sent up in a cartoon.”

Erin: “This is just brilliant, I really love it and I can’t wait to see it.”