The Predator State, and highlighting James K. Galbraith

IDEA Advisory Board member James K. Galbraith is featured this week with an extended look at his work (see the page), particularly The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market, and Why Liberals Should Too. Predator State is the definitive institutional and evolutionary portrait of the American economy and how it is exploited by corporate interests. [also see Q&A on "A Modest Proposal"] James is the son and intellectual heir of John Kenneth Galbraith, who was probably the most influential post-Keynesian economist of the 20th Century. James' insights and analysis are the equal of his father's, but the times in which he has lived and practiced have been far less hospitable.

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Now posted at the University of Texas Austin, leading its Inequality Project, James is the foremost expert today on geographical analysis of inequality. He and Steve Keen are bookends of a spectrum of economists and explain what has happene coherently and convincingly. He was recently awarded the 2014 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought at Tufts University.

The range of his economics is expressed in recent talks:

  • "Keynes 'in the 21st Century': Tradition, circumstance, fad and pretense in the wake of the Great Crisis" (listen here)
  •  Inequality and the Labor Market
  • "Inequality: Should We Care?"
  •  "A Matter of Standards"