Looking for love from Nick Hanauer, Winner gets $500

nick 3.jpg

One of our supporters is so interested in making the connection with Nick Hanauer, he has put up a bounty ($500) to be awarded to the person who writes the tweet that successfully connects us to Nick.  Here are the rules.

You have to register using the form at the bottom of the contest page.

Your tweet has to contain @IDEAeconomics and @NickHanauer.

If Nick acknowledges yours as the tweet that triggered the connection, you win. If Nick gets in contact but we can not establish who's tweet did the trick, we will award the bounty based on the timing and quality of submissions.

Can a 140-character tweet attract the response that will net you the $500 prize? 

Hanauer's piece and other work (e.g., in the journal Democracy) show an understanding that is a lot more sophisticated than "tax the rich," as it has been labeled by detractors. Nick implicitly recognizes the economy as a complex adaptive system, an "eco-system," a dynamic system. IDEA is built on dynamics, on endogenous money, and on the importance of debt. You can see a couple of our responses here and here.

Find the synergies and let Nick know in 140 characters. Include @NickHanauer. Photos and pictures encouraged. Be creative because Nick has been elusive - he is a busy man trying to make a difference - so are we. That is why we are reaching out for you to be our conduit to make this connection!