Parasitic finance, bubble economics and Michael Hudson

Advisory Board member Michael Hudson's profile page is up on the website, with his contact information and links to important work. Along with it is a video interview and a revealing look at the actual economic action going on under the surface in the Ukraine. The Nigeria of the North?

Michael Hudson is an insightful analyst and pungent speaker on issues across the macroeconomy. Modern society is the victims of parasitic finance and the extraction of rents rather than the rewarding of productive investment. Michael's forthcoming book (publication in January 2015) will demonstrate the capture of monetary policy by the financial sector.

Prof. Hudson's cover story in May 2006 Harper's ("The New Road to Serfdom: An illustrated guide to the coming real estate collapse)” was an early and prescient view of the bursting of the real estate bubble and its consequences.

His analysis of international finance and economics does not ignore the political power being exercised. An example is his view on the road being taken by the Ukraine in extricating itself from Russia and coming under the sway of the EU. [See video below.] His view gives pause to simplistic thinking, and predicts consequence for the Ukraine that are imminently predictable, if not widely accepted.