Steve Keen in London, at Kingston Uni head of department

It is official now that Steve has taken the position of head of department at Kingston Uni in London. He will be heading there for preliminary work after his talks in Rome, Thesselonika and Vienna in June, about the 27th. In his interview with the dean, Steve expressed the desire to create the first truly heterodox economics department in Europe,, and that is what the dean responded to. The first heterodox department is a challenge that is worth pursuing. Kingston University is to be commended.

This is a great day for economics. Having Steve directly in the geographic center of the intellectual debate will be quite a change from his being headquartered in Sydney. With his intellectual chops and skills with people and media, it is very easy to see a new level of relevance coming.

His association with IDEA and the several projects will continue, and we look forward to the possibilities of cross-fertilization. 

Kingston University is a school of 21,000+ students, 2,100+ staff and 20+ faculty in the department of economics. It based in Kingston upon Thames, on the river at the borders of London and Surrey. The school opened in 1899 as Kingston Technical School.

There is no doubt that KUE (Kingston University Economics) is now on the short list for those interested in learning economics without first running the gauntlet of bad math, unrealistic assumptions and disproven theory