Newsletter commencing Monday

IDEA is instituting its newsletter function tomorrow, May 5. It is a simple connection for the community. Much of that was found here on the periodic updates, but now it will be more formalized. Many of you will already be on the list, but some who get this, but those who signed up for the blog by e-mail may have slipped through the cracks, and will need to sign up specifically for it at Newsletter. It is short and to the point, and offers contact info and links to Steve's activities and various posts. Below is a sample, the draft of the first, absent the Links section. 

IDEA is getting ready for its virtual launch. We thank all the contributors to date for their support. Consider yourselves "Founders" of the Institute for Dynamic Economic Analysis. May 9 is the target date, though things will be rolling out between now and then.

More by accident than design, Advisory Board member Ann Pettifor is in Seattle and will be giving a luncheon talk tomorrow May 6 for the benefit of IDEA. Title: "Just Money - How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance," which is also the title of her new book, which is not quite out in print, but you can get e-versions via PRIME. The recent Bank of England paper "Money Creation in the Modern Economy" was nearly complete vindication of what Ann has been arguing for years. Here is a video of her running with the BOE's report.

IDEA's principal collaborators got together a week ago for some medium term focusing and strategy. Messaging and fund-raising were at the top. What that exactly means is under development.

Coming out with the May 9 launch will be two projects: Econ101(R) - Remediating Economics, the Syllabus, and a demonstration of the TSL Data Store. Look for links to those in next week's newsletter. One will be big help to the new learner. The other is a very serious tool for practicing economists and students. The Data Store is looking for collaborators. How you can help. We get a lot of people asking how they can help. If you are one of these and one who is also into data, we need a group of people willing to monitor some small fraction of the data in the IDEA data store, using our simple web based tools.  The work requires absolutely no technical knowledge and should only take an hour or so of your time each month. If you think you might be interested here is a link with more details and broader opportunities.


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