BOOM Economics & Finance News

IDEAeconomics is pleased to draw your attention to BOOM Finance & Economics, a new online newspaper, founded and published by an Australian fellow traveller, and highely endorsed by us. Link to it from our website button, or directly BOOM Finance & Economics. 

Here is, without sifting, a source for articles, videos, papers -- relevance. The current issue is typical: "Why QE could be doing more harm than good," an interview with Steve from a UK investor's blog, an account of student movements to reform economics in 30 countries, all categorized and accessible. The sidebar features the pivotal Bank of England quarterly report endorsing endogenous money.

The publisher is an Australian entrepreneur with strong interests in economics and financial markets, as well as being an advocate of the work of Steve Keen and IDEA. He co-founded an Australian biopharmaceutical research company and another company which was the first to map the Internet (IP address to geographic location). All this after extended experience in clinical medicine, which as he says, "underwrites my pursuit of promoting ethics and consequence in the world of finance and economics."

Subscribe to BOOM just above the Editor's Note to receive the weekly update each Monday. It's a focused, needed service, free and very, very useful.