TSL Demo: A tool for serious economists and students

IDEAeconomics is very pleased to introduce you to the Work in Progress video for the TSL/IDEA Data Store project. The developer walks us through the capacity and promise of this unique resource. Full implementation, scheduled for August, will include a significantly larger store of data, enhanced analytical functions and full documentation to show how you can use its powerful OLAP structure in your own work. These improvements will be released incrementally, and we will keep you updated.

The project has already attracted a team of interested data aficionados, and feel free to join that group. See the TSL/Data Store page, or write to impact@ideaeconomics.

Originally developed in response to the desire of our chief economist Steve Keen to analyze debt data, the TSL tool and Data Store will be a resource for every economist and student who wants to use it. Accurate, sophisticated analysis of data series is now possible, and for free -- a gift to the serious practitioner and student from those who realize that better data anlsyis will lead to better economics. (And that, taking a pluralist framework, it will confirm and augment other logical and empirical treatments.  IDEA is privileged to host it at www.TSLdatacenter.org.