The launch and social media

We're going to test the reach of social media this coming Tuesday morning by asking blog readers, newsletter subscribers and our mailing list to like and re-tweet the announcement of the launch of IDEA. And with Steve taking the post at Kingston University, we have a new range of opportunity.

The contributions of our founders, those who showed confidence in us and resonance with the intention to change the economic paradigm will be rewarded in the coming months, as we roll out the resources and confirm the community dedicated to the reform of economics. That was the launch we intended, but now we have the challenge of Kingston.

As Steve takes up the charge to form the first heterodox economics department in the world, he is faced with the reality that resources and curricula do not now exist that are appropriate for the pluralist instruction he has in mind. IDEA will focus on correcting that as quickly as possible. Arriving with sophisticated materials in hand will lend credibility not only to Steve, but to the economics behind his work.

The road to substantive and widespread reform will be long, but if we take advantage of this historic opportunity, we can shorten that road considerably. So look for the appeal on Tuesday morning, with its links to the appropriate Facebook and Twitter posts. Then like and re-tweet at will.

All the best.