A lagging update

Advisory Board: Ann Pettifor is in for a luncheon at a Waterfront landmark restaurant (Ivar's Pier 54) on Tuesday May 6. Join us if you can (Tickets).  The event is co-sponsored by (our indulgence for) the Seattle Economics Council. We hope to fill the room. Edward Fullbrook was the muse for Popular Economics, which is going forward with its editor-designee Chuck Willer and its limited, targeted format. We suspect Edward will be on board as soon as he gets around to us.

Logo: Finalized a new logo for IDEA in a thread of 68+ messages and almost that many iterations. A great deal of perseverance was demonstrated by Miguel, as well as some useful on-the-ground accounts of the political economy of Spain. Latest bit was that, anecdotally, workers with jobs are often being required to wait for their paychecks, sometimes months, and those paychecks may come in light when they get there. Combine this with Spain's clueless political establishment heavily tilted to the right... [In June and July, Steve will be stationed in Pau, France, not so far from the Pyrenees. I am agitating for a one-person incursion into Spain with needed intellectual relief supplies.] But the logo! Yes, attached here. The advisory group went a long way around, and at the end, Miguel dropped a design pretty much dissimilar to our previous concepts. But it worked.]

The long-awaited e-mail blast went out. Steve is following up with part 2 this week. The board will follow up with a part 3 later. Our strategy for part 1 was to do a long e-mail with detail and conviction, on the theory that although not everyone would reach the end, those who did would be more motivated to donate. The bad news is not enough people got to the end. The good news is that donation amounts were way up, at over $100 for an average. Steve's part 2 will be shorter, more visionary, and we'll see.

List integration. Steve Roth managed the lists through some narrow channels and followed up by importing things back into the CRM software. We now have a much more sophisticated tool to interact with our constituents going forward. This was a big, big step.

Good connections with supporters happened over this week, both contributors and collaborators.