Organizational Update

As usual, things are going quickly and continuously. Writing these is like when you drive all night and the road keeps moving even after you stop.

Minsky. One note we left out last week is the apparent funding for Minsky coming in now in six figures. We anticipate that this will finance the additional functionality needed to account properly for stocks and flows, and may then -- with a debugging group to be organized through IDEA -- allow a stable, user-ready tool for students and professionals to play with on their desktops. Timing not clear, but much sooner than the fully developed version.

TLS Demo. If we are going fast, Ted Carron is going faster. The TLS data center is now online for internal testing. The demo runs with the script, retrieves and displays data. Several sets of fields allow access, including OLAP functionality.

Website: Early in the week we had a conversation with a website guru from the LA area whose work we admired from afar. Now we have sympathy for the Neoclassicals, as we were exposed to another perspective that -- were we able to accept it fully -- would require a re-think of our basic approach. Fortunately we are only a couple of months into our intellectual investment. Pity the poor Neoclassical with now a lifetime of personal capital accumulation being informed by a new world of endogenous money and dynamic models. No changes to the website up yet, but some, though not visually dramatic, should greet respondents to the e-mail blast.

E-Mail: The e-mail campaign to the big list is coming, we promise. Glitches with the payment platform and delays in editing have pushed it to Sunday or Monday. Steve Roth is managing the hard part (though he claims it is easy). Hope to get $50K from this and subsequent follow-ups.

Fund-Raising: After this e-mail solicitation, we look into large donors. Got some good counsel this week. After a bit of investigation there, including foundations and institutional grantors, we have a plan to go to Kickstarter for Tome funding. Working on possible "rewards," as the Tome's completion is too far out to fit in the required delivery window. Other writings by Steve, including the paper being delivered in June in Rome, are possibilities. (Steve has a tentative invitation to speak in Greece after the Rome conference.)

Advisory Board: We have a proposal in to Edward Fullbrook we have high hopes for.

Steve in Chengdu until April 3, then back to Australia, if only briefly.