What an honor to have this man as our founding public donor

I sent a nice thank you to our first public donor. I received the following reply:

Dear Mr Harvey,

Thank you for this communication.  It is already intrinsically satisfactory enough for me that I can contribute something.  I am not an economist but it is only recently that I am beginning to realize that if any argument holds some truth is that there has been an institutional intermediation of ignorance of how an economy works.  My country, Greece, has been devastated by this ignorance.  There is no need to mention figures and facts on what has happened despite an acknowledgement that we have mismanaged our economic affairs.

The main reason to support your effort is that I honestly believe that if not new approaches to economic thinking become widespread, at least in my country, then the very idea of democracy will be threatened from the radicalization of the electorate.   I would be ashamed of my country's civilization if we yield in our desperate search for solutions to uncivilized alternatives.  No matter how idealistic this may appear, I believe that it the duty of my generation to do everything possible to present to our children, my child, an alternative vision for a better future or our children will rightly so accuse us in the future of doing nothing else but just sitting and watching destruction spreading everywhere.

As I have neither the knowledge nor the credibility, even if I had the knowledge, to present such an alternative the least that I can do for that alternative to emerge is to support your effort.

I do have some ideas and I am not looking for practical personal benefits.  Your communication is more than enough and I apologize for the philosophical, sentimental and personal angle in my answer.

Yours sincerely,

Nikolaos Karatsoris,

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 5:49 PM, Alan Harvey <harvey@ideaeconomics.org> wrote:

Just a note to personally thank you for your donation. Yours was particularly important, as it was the first public donation to our organization. You can consider yourself the founding public donor. There is not much benefit to that, in practical terms, but please feel free to contact me here if you have any ideas or suggestions. I will certainly remember your name.


Alan Harvey
Executive Director