Getting ahead of our skis?

We are happening here at IDEA. No doubt about that. Then when things slow down, even a little bit, it can be frustrating. Remember, we are still pre-launch. What does that mean? When we "launch," we will have our people and programs in place and you will see exactly how they are working to reform the discipline and inform the practice of economics. I guarantee there will be no question about our effectiveness.

We call the current phase, the "Bootstrap." It is a step ahead of the "Start-Up." Our bootstrap funding campaign is going out to 450 individuals who have shown willingness to support ground-level projects related to this in the past, the supporters of Steve's Minsky software program. We'll give you a link here when that campaign comes out, hopefully in the next day or two, and you can listen in.

Today we had one of our periodic Board meetings. We made some key decisions on staff and budget. The budget is, of course, purely notional in one sense, since we don't have clarity on funding. But it is at the same time a statement of priorities v. practicalities. One unfortunate decision the Board had to make for short-term financial reasons may slow things down. Maybe it's from breakneck speed to a more sensible velocity, but it is still slower. Having been through the start-up phase, which is torture by slowness (administered by smiling attorneys), I am ready for fast. We have a long way to go, let's get on with it.

In the working group after the meeting we discussed a great opportunity coming to us on the data delivery and display front, via Ted Carron of Leamington Spa. Ted is generating what we hope will be a major new tool. The testing process has produced some intriguing results.... Look for that soon. Ted is (along with our Steve Roth and Paul Tefft-Meeker) on a working group assembled to assist the wonderful economist and author Michael Hudson with a data bottleneck in his analytics. We're waiting for Michael's specs, but the time is not wasted.

There is more happening, too.  It's cool, it's useful. But the big steps are ahead, after the launch. Look for president Chuck's announcement, maybe tomorrow. And think about the contribute page. Early water on the seed can grow a big tree.