Boom, Boom, Pop! Two challenges down, One to go.


Sunday last our favorite donor stepped up with the offer that if 35 new pledges of $1 or more came in by Friday, she would drop $2,000 into the project. We made the announcement and by Tuesday morning it was covered.


Then, out of the woodwork, or on  Twitter, Phil Carney of Carney Capital stepped up. He organized a donation of $5,000 if we reached the $12,000 mark by Friday. Done. $17,003 in the account right now.


In between, a group teamed up donors said that if we got to 184 pledges, that was 100 more than we started with on Sunday, of just $1 or more, they would pitch in $1,000 between them. We are now at 173. With about 30 hours to go. A great way to stretch a $1 pledge.

Lots of people want to see this happen. Crash, Boom, Pop! is not putting pictures around the old fallacies. It is entertaining and relevant. The first volume, Money, will let  you know why things don't seem to be working out with the QE's, why relieving private debt needs to be at the center of real recovery policy, where money comes from in the first place (hint: not the central bank's printing press), and what debt deflation is all about.

So we like the challenges, no matter how confusing. We welcome any more. We are almost halfway there. 

Get the full project description here.