One challenge down, another one to go for Crash, Boom, Pop!

We – that is, you – blew through the last challenge, getting the 35 pledges in KICKSTARTER that we needed in less than two days - not not the six we (you) were given. Now another donor - actually a group – has stepped up with the offer of $1,000 if we reach a total of 100 new pledges of $1 or more by Saturday, Nov. 15. A bit more than half of those are already in hand.. So stretch your $1 by pledging at Kickstarter and help us collect.

Why is there no inflation if central banks are printing money?

Why does the economy continue to stagnate in the face of unprecedented zero percent interest rates for now over five years? 

What kind of economists are running the show?

And who are those guys anyway, who were right about the crash and continue to be right about how to get out of the mess the finance sector left behind?

It will all be there in volume 1: Money ... if you help. Answers in a graphic novel form. Not dumbed down, but illustrated. Entertaining. Accessible. Relevant.

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