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CRASH, BOOM, POP! the new graphic novel series

CRASH, BOOM, POP! the new graphic novel series

It is here!  Tuesday the 28th. Even your funereal friend is excited. CRASH, BOOM, POP! Money and Economics Exposed. We now go to crowd-funding for volume 1: Money, through Kickstarter and StartJoin. Our target is $40,000, for which the backers will get any number of rewards not limited to e-books and print versions of CRASH, BOOM, POP! But of course the book is the thing -- 96 pages of color, illustration, hair and gristle as we get to the meat of monetary, dynamic real world economics. For more information, please see our Press Release.

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A challenge. But also a heaven of opportunity. A visual medium lends itself to complexity and nuance. (Check out the Cosmos series on PBS.) Certainly this approach will be effective to the target audience where drab lecture, text and charts are not.

Among the rewards is a very cool set of "Bubble Cards" from Miguel Guerra -- the South Sea Bubble, Tulip Mania, the Great Crash of 1929 and the 2008 Financial Crisis. (Rumor has it that a limited number of high quality frame-able 8x10 reproductions will be added to the list of rewards. They would completely energize that bland space on your wall. Get there early to check it out.) 

[Formerly known under the working title Graphic Debunking.]


INET Grant. IDEA also went to INET for Crash, Boom, Pop! Originally INET was supposed to fund the curriculum project, but the 6th Round came in with a top limit of $250,000, which was not in the ballpark for what we had in mind. The group that had set up around the curriculum project did inspire a number, maybe half a dozen, different projects. All of which, as I understand it, were submitted by the October 20 deadline.

Tax Status Confirmed: Contributions to IDEA are now officially tax deductible. Our 501(c)(3) status was confirmed with a "We are pleased to inform you..." from the IRS. Tax deductibility was previously available, but contingent on this determination. The determination is in. You'll get your confirmation letter for donations of $250 or more and not have to worry. Great thanks to our attorney Deb Dyson.

Website Upgrade and Video: We've contracted for web redesign with Suzy Dias, and for a landing page video clip with Genevieve Tran. Improvements will be visible this coming week.

Renegade Economist goes live (by tape delay). The first episode of Renegade Economist has been recorded. It airs November 7 on Free Speech TV here in the US. This is potentially a game changer in the media space. Ross Ashcroft is brilliant as an interviewer, as droll as Jon Stewart, with intellectual chops that I have no comparison for. If you check out Renegade's YouTube channel, you'll see. Those with something to say, he'll lead in the way that brings it out. Those with a problem, however, will be exposed, with the simplest and apparently most innocent of questions. A lot of very talented professional people have signed on to help make this work, including our managing director Phil Carney.

There is always more.

PS:  Don't forget to check Kickstarter on Tuesday. A good showing the first few days is key to success.